My grandma is 100% German/French. They were in the French Huguenots. They started changing their last names leading up into World War I. My grandma’s grandparents came from France to Newark and were working in the factories. My grandma’s dad was born in Newark but moved back to Germany because he didn’t like the conditions. He was a US citizen. They left Germany right before World War II to escape the draft. Since they were US citizens they went right through. My grandma was the first one on her side of the family to go to college. Her dad died when she was younger so all the kids worked. She paid her way through school while taking care of her siblings. No running water which is still weird to think about. She still says education is a privilege, that’s one of the greatest things in this world.
My mom is 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English, 50% German. My dad is 75% Ukrainian, 25% Bohemian/Czechoslovakian. So I’m 12.5% Irish, 12.5% English, 12.5% Bohemian, 25% German, and 37.5% Ukrainian. – Todd