My family is from India. My mom came here first when she was around 12. They just came for a better life. My grandpa wanted to be a professor. He taught math and science. My grandma became a researcher for IBM. It was a big deal at the time.

My dad was born in Africa. Surprise! A lot of Indians are in Africa. He lived like the Jungle Book. He had so many crazy wild animals and fish ponds with wildlife. He told me he would eat avocados off trees and climb them when he was a kid; that was just his life! Then they moved to London when he was in his teens. He went on and studied at Liverpool School of Pharmacy. Long story short, my mom’s dad met my dad’s dad and they decided to arrange my mom and my dad. So they had an arranged marriage. They met a couple times before and my mom was like, ok we can get married. It was never a big deal to me because she had the choice. – Shivani