My parents were immigrants to Australia from Uruguay. I was born and raised in Australia but there’s definitely a lot of prejudice for whatever reason, they’re afraid of people from other places. I am very appreciative that they migrate there, it changed the way my life turned out. Like seven years ago, I moved here. It’s different, it’s not the same as immigrating for them, like I knew the language, you know? Even though it’s still difficult, it’s not the same.

I was supposed to start a church in Prague but one thing led to another and it felt like God was definitely leading me to stay here and start something. It’s been good. It’s been fun to be part of another culture, learn another culture and be whole heartedly invested, which is something I’ve sought to do because that’s what my dad did. He didn’t hold onto home, the new place had to be home in order for it to be positive. Seven years now, I’ll naturalize in the next six months. My wife is American and I’ve got my green card. We’re going through a home purchase and once we wrap that up I’ll start learning my American history. – Pastor Chris