Grandma’s family was very wealthy and powerful. So when the Japanese invaded China, they took Grandma’s parents’ house as their house and forced them to live in the gatekeeper house at the front of the property. Sometimes they would hide under the hospital beds so when the Japanese went through and did checks they wouldn’t know they were there.

When Grandma came to the US she didn’t tell any of her family because it would have been dangerous for them to know. She had fallen in love with an American missionary that was working at the hospital with her. They made plans to meet in Thailand. She left in the middle of the night.  Didn’t tell anyone she was going, didn’t take any of her things – just left. Once there she had to wait for him. Together, they travelled to Hawaii where they stayed for a few years. She didn’t know what happened to her family for a long time afterwards. Later on she learned that her dad had had a heart attack from the stress of her leaving. – Nichole