Natalie: My husband’s parents are straight off the boat from Italy…they owned a business for 42 years, like a pizza place…let’s order Domino’s-yeah right, we can make anything better than that stuff and when we do eat that stuff it’s crap you know? So we can never go out to eat at an Italian restaurant because it’s all gross. It’s for real.

My mom was actually born I think either almost on the airplane or right when she got off the airplane when they came over from Germany, my Oma was actually sick she got exposed to TB and so she didn’t see her for the first 2 years of her life so she was in a sanitarium so she didn’t see her mom until she was cleared actually when she was put in the sanitarium I guess she was pregnant again after she had my mom and she lost the baby and she couldn’t have any contact with her husband like through glass so she lost the baby without having any human contact. Isn’t that crazy?

Joe: They [his family] came from Italy, they came in the 1960’s I think my dad’s uncle came in the turn of the century and then went back and then after the war, after WWII, there were odd jobs you know it was Italy south so they’re broke so they came here they moved to Chicago my grandma got a job at a pasta factory she worked there then i think another aunt and uncle came along they started paying the way for everyone else to come there there’s I’m trying to think how many in the family there’s like 11 kids so they paid for them all to come over my dad’s the youngest, he grew up in Chicago.