My father was born in Liverpool, England. He was orphaned at an early age because his parents died of Tuberculosis. Everybody was dying of Tuberculosis back then. His family was Catholic so they sent him to a Catholic orphanage. When he was about 13, he was sent to Canada because that’s where they sent the orphans. They sent him to a Catholic, French-Canadian family near Ottawa. They were sort of like indentured servants. So he went to work on a farm. He spoke no French, they spoke no English. He grew up there on the farm until he was old enough to go off on his own. He then went off and worked on the railroad. He came to Detroit during the Depression because that’s where the jobs were, the only jobs. So he migrated to Detroit and eventually became a US citizen.

When my wife and I met, she said, you know your dad still has his British accent still. I said, no he doesn’t have an accent. I could never hear it! When you grow up with it you don’t hear it. – Mike