I was adopted so I don’t have any family history. My husband really wanted me to do the ancestory.com thing so we did that and found out that I am 49% Irish and the other 51% Western European. It was really cool because our grandkids came out with very red hair and that was cool to connect that. We definitely want to go to Ireland some day and see how we’re related.

Here in America they don’t have orphanages anymore, they have foster care. They were finding that very healthy babies who had all the food they needed, personal hygiene, all that was met, they were rolling to the wall and dying because they know now you need to be held. Without that human contact there was no reason to cry to get a bottle. So they stopped having orphanages in America and that’s why they have foster care.

The sad part is back in the ‘60’s, closed adoptions. I can go find out who my parents are if I pay for a lawyer and pay to get my records opened. I’ve gone down to the courthouse and asked them for some records and I’ve been told by the clerks, it’s none of your business. Even medical history and stuff, when I started having babies whenever they asked me for that form it was always a big X. It was kind of cool when I started having babies because now I have someone that looks like me. – Loretta