My mother’s father’s side, they came from a combination of Ireland and Great Britain because my great-grandfather was a rent collector for a British land owner who owned land in Ireland. One of his tenants was named Mary and they fell in love. He decided that Mary and the rest of the Irish were getting the shaft from the British, which they were, and he became involved in the Sin Fein which is a predecessor to the IRA which was sort of the El-Queda of Ireland about 20 or 30 years ago blowing people up, etc. But before it got that ugly, he came to the United States to beg in Congress for money. Supposedly, this is a family legend, he did get some money, he bought arms and was shipping them back to Ireland. Then the ship sank and he became a marked man. So rather than return to Ireland, he stayed in Philadelphia. So my mother is from Philadelphia. – John