1958 my grandmother came over from Italy and settled in the Philadelphia area, it was a Little Italy. So she settled with a bunch of Italians but did learn English and became a citizen. I later found out she was a mistress. Apparently, my grandmother moved here pregnant with my mom. Her real father was this architect that she had met in Naples. And he had her in a little apartment like something out of the Sopranos and she was the other woman. His deal was, ‘we’ll keep this going until you get pregnant.’ How do you not get pregnant? They didn’t have the means back then. So, my grandmother’s siblings got together and met with him. They all decided what her fate would be: she’d marry his friend in America and move away. So that’s what happened. My mom did not know. She goes back to Italy and finds out she’s this illegitimate child of a married man. – Gina