My parents are immigrants. They immigrated from the Netherlands in 1953. They had gotten married in the Netherlands and my dad could not find employment there. He had a brother that was living in Michigan at the time and I don’t know how it all came to be but his brother hooked him up with a job at Bil Mar, a turkey processing plant. Anyway they came by boat in February and my mother was pregnant with my oldest sister. Her claim to fame is she says she’s the only one on the boat that wasn’t sick.

My dad would never get in a boat after that experience. My dad actually worked for Bil Mar his whole life. My oldest sister was born that June and then 2 years later they had another daughter, 2 years later they had another daughter. All the time you know they’re trying to learn the language and they didn’t really learn the language until my oldest sister went to school because then she started learning the language and she came home and she taught my parents. – Ester