I came to the USA when I was 15. I wanted to get out of my house. My mom treated me like a slave. I got a job babysitting. When I met my husband, I was ready to do something else. I didn’t care if he’d marry me or drop me off at a gas station. There was nothing for me in that hole. He invited me to move to Michigan with him after 2 weeks when I was 17. Everybody thought that I was crazy but I knew if he was only 19 with a brand new car that he was a hard worker! I was looking for a responsible man. We did it. 43 years married already. 

I didn’t speak any English and I wanted to so bad. When I got married, I had the opportunity to get my high school diploma, not with very good grades but I learned English. It was good for me. When I had the kids in the hospital, my husband had to be the interpreter but I knew he wasn’t a very good interpreter. So he made me harder on myself to learn English. It wasn’t easy. When you’re in the class with all these people and you’re the only hispanic. When it was my turn to read a book everyone was laughing and making jokes, but I just looked at them and cussed them out in Spanish. They didn’t understand. Like I said, it was hard but I did it. – Eloisa