I don’t know if you’re aware but for an immigrant to practice medicine in America you have to take licensing examinations which is 4 parts in English. Each of them is a big hurdle especially for someone who doesn’t know the language. I didn’t know any English when I started college. I took courses, my books were in English, I forced myself to read in English, to learn new words, etc. Studying new material which is quite technical like medicine in a foreign language is like two different languages in one. I had to study for a whole year to take just one of the exams. I was already a doctor in Ecuador and I took my time to study for this. I passed all 4 exams and applied for my job here. I was so grateful to obtain a position here. It’s very difficult for an immigrant. In the medical community, directors will refer to me as a foreign medical graduate. You can tell us apart. It influences the type of hospital you end up at. They prefer American graduates. All they know about you is your numbers. That’s why I took all the time I could to get a perfect score on my exams. I eventually ended up in one of the top hospitals in the United States. I don’t know if it was luck or what but I am very grateful for the opportunity to do that. I learned so much. It’s been great since then. I am still pursuing training because I want to be the best I can be. – Dr. Chris