There’s Cherokee Indian on my grandmother’s side. I think her mom was probably ¾ or full Cherokee Indian. It had always been a joke in our family that my mom belonged to a ‘pony tribe.’ ‘Pony’ because my mom was 5 feet tall and ‘tribe’ referring to her Indian heritage. This is a picture of my grandmother, and all her daughters all the way to my mom.

Indian heritage was not something that people in our family were proud about. There were no conversations about it. I didn’t learn about this until I was in my 60s. They didn’t say we were Cherokee Indian. I guess it goes back to the fact that they were called ‘half breeds’ at one point in time. It was an insult. I can’t recall in my lifetime anyone in my family talking about where we’re from. As far as anyone knew, they had always been here. This goes back to 1817 when my great-great grandfather was born. There was no conversation about where his parents came from. – Barry