My dream was to come here to study and work because it was really hard in my country to go to college. Even though I love my Colombia, my family, I had a dream to make my life bigger.
It is not how I pictured it. I was naive. I was sheltered. I really didn’t know much about life. I was crushed when I got here. Why did I stay? I knew there was not a way for me to go back without knowing what I could do here. It was tough for me to adjust here, but we humans, we’re adaptable. My biggest disappointment is that I was not able to go to school.
I wish back then I would have known what I know now. For example, when I came here, if I had known that I could have joined the military to work and study at the same time, if I had known that then, I would be working for them. I wanted to work, school and send whatever I could earn to help my family. That was the whole purpose of me coming here. – Angela