My family is from Romania. My father immigrated in May of 1995 and my mom, my brother and I followed in September. I was 6 years old. My parents were relatively well-off in Romania; they never looked to come here. My dad was a university professor so he was well connected. It happened by luck. A lot of people dreamed of coming to the states, including one of my dad’s good friends. There was this Romanian businessman who owned a company here. He offered an English course for X amount of weeks and at the end they chose X amount of people to bring back to the US to work. And my dad’s friend was like please do this with me. My dad got picked and his friend did not. His friend did eventually come years later in a different way. Once we got here, my parents realized, yes, this is going to be hard we have to start from nothing when they were relatively comfortable back home but the opportunities for our children growing up here versus immigrating when they’re adults is going to be a lot better for them. So they decided to stay. – Adina